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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Awesome Autumn! [Part 3/3]

Hello again, and welcome to the last part of my Autumn-themed posts!

Now, you might be thinking 'What has the galaxy got to do with Autumn?' and I wouldn't blame you!

The reason I'm doing this now is because for me, Autumn onward is the time of the year when I find myself stargazing more -- the sky just seems to be a little bit clearer, and perhaps the fact that the days get shorter means that I am more likely to be out when it's dark. So, in that sense, I connect this to Autumn in my head!

If it wasn't obvious from the picture, this is the first time I've ever tried galaxy nails. Honestly, I've seen this many times online and I've never felt brave enough to try it (in my head I thought 'This is going to look really awful' thanks to my love/hate relationship with makeup sponges, but I actually found it to be not as bad as I expected). I think the trick is knowing what sorts of colours to use, and not overloading the sponge but instead layering up bit by bit. With that in mind, I mainly used colours that had a slight shimmer to them so that it catches the light more, and here I've written a list of the colours I used, in case you were wondering.

Base colour:
Barry M - Navy
Galaxy colours applied with a sponge:
Rimmel - Luna Love
Rimmel - Hawaiian Punch
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Turquoise
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Deep Blue Sea
Barry M - SLE 2012 247
Maxfactor - Fantasy Fire
& finally Barry M - Matt White, which I also used to make stars with a dotting tool.


Well, thanks again for reading and I hope you liked these posts! :)

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Awesome Autumn! [Part 2/3]

Today's Autumn-themed post is a very simple one, but I thought I'd share it here anyway. I've had this Barry M polish since they came out (which I think was last Autumn) but I never really used them as a main colour so I thought I'd give it a go this time. Honestly, 'Mustard' as this polish is called (and the shade in general) is not really a favourite colour of mine, and the colour looked even weirder a few days ago when I realized my nails were the same colour as the macaroni cheese I was eating. Heh.

Anyway, I tried to jazz it up a little bit so I used OPI 'The Living Daylights' on my thumb and ring finger, painting more on the tips to create a slight gradient effect. I don't think using a makeup sponge would work with this polish. I felt like the colours of the glitter really complemented the base polish nicely - and kind of reminded me of pumpkins. To be honest, if I do this again, I would maybe put the gradient on all of the nails rather that just two.

No, wait - scratch that. With the glitter particles being big, getting it off was an absolute nightmare, even with the soaking method, so I might steer clear of glitter for a bit!

That's all for today, see you tomorrow!

Friday, 9 October 2015

Awesome Autumn! [Part 1/3]

Hello, Autumn! I'm really glad to be able to post today! It's been quite a hectic couple of months for me but I am here today to celebrate one of my favourite times of the year - the leaf crunching joy that is Autumn (or Fall, for our American friends!).

I love it so much that I have been doing a few Autumn designs lately and decided to share them on here this weekend! Apologies for the slight messiness here - I hadn't originally planned to upload this design but I do like it so here it is.

To make this design, I first painted my nails with Barry M 'Matt White' and then painted a brown tree on my ring finger with Nails Inc - Prince's Gate. Then I used different sized dotting tools to create random dots on all the nails using these Barry M colours: Chilli, Paprika, Mustard & Gold Foil. I then decided I didn't like the way the Gold Foil colour looked so I went over those dots with a brighter shade of gold: Jessica - 804 Bling! which I felt looked a bit better. Topped with Seche Vite and done!

I like this mainly because it's a fairly easy way to get the Autumn colours into some nail art -- and dotting tools are a lot of fun!

If you're interested in all things Autumn, then I think you will love this Tumblr that belongs to a friend of mine, which can be found here! It really gets me into the cozy, fuzzy Autumn spirit!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for the rest of the Autumn theme this weekend!

Thank you!