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Monday, 15 February 2016

White and Purple Glitter Look

Hi! Another short post from me today! This is actually a more recent photo this time.

I know it's fairly simple but thought I'd share it as it's a style I don't normally do, and by that I mean painting my index and pinky the same and the rest being a different colour. Recently, I bought the glitter (No7 Nail Effects 'Party Pearls') which I liked because it has a mix of purple, blue and pink so I painted all my nails white, painted the glitter on the index and pinky (in hindsight, I wish I had made it more concentrated) and then used purple and blue gems to match the glitter colours, but used Rimmel Glitter Bomb 'Disco Fever' on the middle finger (I like that the glitter in this are square shaped). I think I only did one coat of this.

Oh, just remembered! The other reason I wanted to do some glittery nails was to test out a peelable base coat - OPI's Glitter Off - which, like most other peelable base coats, is much like PVA glue in both smell and consistency, only I find that the OPI stuff dries quicker. I cannot believe I haven't looked into peelable base coats sooner, really. Amazing! I've avoided doing a lot of glitter lately because I HATE the removal process but with this, it's so much easier! I must add that I bought the OPI base coat for £3.99 in TK Maxx which I think is great but I doubt I'd pay the RRP for it - PVA glue will probably be my replacement, who knows! I'm already using PVA glue in an old nail polish bottle and applying it around my nail before doing gradients, works great (I'm keeping the OPI stuff just for the nails!).

Sorry for the bad quality photo - I decided to take this on a day that offered no natural light whatsoever.

In a bit of a rush so bye for now!

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