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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Now on Twitter!

Finally decided to make a twitter!

If twitter is your thing, please follow me on it! (It's a bit lonely over there!)

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots 'Chalk Dust'

A very quick post from me today!

I felt like trying out 'Chalk Dust' over different shades.

The colours, I think, because I did this 2 weeks ago are (from thumb to pinky) Essence 'Maybe I'm Amazed', Maybelline Color Show 'Electric Pink', Maybelline Color Show 'Orange Fix', Barry M 'Guava' and Barry M 'Key Lime'. All shades are over a white base coat (mainly because the Maybelline ones are Neons which work better over white).

Friday, 26 July 2013

Colourful Heart Nails... that match my phone!

 Posting something today which I have wanted to post for over a week!

A couple of months ago I bought a few cases for my phone from eBay, and I liked the pattern so much I decided to copy it onto my nails. I actually quite like it, but I tell you, it's hard work!

I got rather bored after doing my left hand, but I persevered and managed to do the right hand which looked pretty good considering (although I never photographed it, oops!).

I have to say that I did buy the case myself, and although I painted my nails myself, the pattern was obviously not my own design so I feel it's only right to credit the design to Head Case which is a registered trading name of Ecell Global.

Perhaps I might do this again sometime, actually. Even though it's quite a bit of work, it does look nice, especially as the colours are rather summery!

Sunday, 14 July 2013

OPI 'The Living Daylights' Dupe!

Quite a while back (I think last year actually), I purchased OPI 'The Living Daylights' online. I don't usually buy polishes that are that expensive (this one costs on average £9).

It wasn't until last week when I was in Bodycare, I decided to have a look at the nail polishes and one in particular caught my eye. They mainly sell Technic polishes, and one called 'Money Bags' struck me as being identical to the aforementioned OPI polish. It only costs 99p, so naturally I felt compelled to buy it to see how similar they are...

I think the resemblance is very clear indeed! As indicated in the pictures, I used OPI on the index and ring finger, while using Technic on the middle finger and pinky.

I put about 3 coats on each nail so that I had enough glitter on the nail to show the two polishes well. The application between the two is very similar - if anything, perhaps the OPI polish has slightly more glitter in it than the Technic one.

The glitter sizes are the same in both polishes, and they have same same shade of gold, silver and bronze in my eyes. The only difference is that the OPI has a slightly more turquoise-y blue than Technic. You can see the difference closer by clicking on the pictures. Also, sorry that the Technic polish looks a bit 'bubbly'. I think it's more my fault than a fault of the polish. I got a bit impatient and the OPI dried faster than the Technic between coats so I was painting the Technic while it was still tacky underneath. At least that shows that OPI dries a lot faster because I didn't have to wait much between coats!

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Maybelline Color Show 'Electric Pink' and 'Orange Fix' Review

This review might contain more pictures than writing - not sure if that is a good or a bad thing!

I bought these two Maybelline Color Show polishes last week, they are part of a Neons range, which only contained another two colours; a green and a purple. Seeing as I didn't want to spend all my money on nail polish that day, I took about 10 minutes deciding which two to get (so indecisive!).

 The first thing I want to say about these polishes is that there was actually a sign in the display saying that it looks better and more 'neon' when painted over a white base - so in all the pictures, I have done 2 coats of the polish on the index and middle finger, and 1 white coat covered with 1 coloured coat on the ring finger and pinky so that you are able to see the difference - which I think is pretty evident.

So here is 'Electric Pink', and I have to say I much prefer it over a coat of white (although maybe 2 coats over white would look a bit nicer than just 1).

Don't for a minute think that this will glow in the dark by the way, just have to get that out there! I'm currently sitting in near darkness and I can barely see the colour on my nails as I type.
 The next is 'Orange Fix'. Again I think it looks a lot nicer over white - I think it's too sheer to be used on its own (you can still see the nail whites after 2 coats in the pictures).

I normally would avoid these kinds of colours - really bright colours are not exactly something I go for often, however it's summer so I thought, 'what the heck!?' and I think bright colours like these are great at this time of year!

The last thing I'm going to say that I think are kind of seen in the pictures, is that they do not exactly dry very shiny, so I'd recommend putting a top coat over it if that's what you like.

Bye guys!

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Wimbledon Fever!

Game, Set, Match! Since the 24th of June, I've been watching Wimbledon like some obsessed woman. The funny thing is that I'm not really a sporty person, but I have really grown to like tennis. Probably the main reason I love it is because of Andy Murray, and I'm so proud he got to the final again, yeahhh!

In celebration of Wimbledon (and hasn't it been a crazy tournament this year!?), I spent a good chunk of my afternoon yesterday doing some nail art (during the Djokovic versus del Potro semi final, because I was starting to lose the will to care after 3 hours).
I'm actually really proud of this one, it came out better than I thought it would - not bad for it being done with a nail art brush, I don't think!

The most difficult part for me was writing 'Wimbledon', I thought my hand was going to fall off, quite frankly.

There is absolutely no way I am going to list all of the polishes used here, I'm afraid!

Today is the ladies' singles final, I kind of want to Lisicki to win, mainly because she knocked Serena Williams out of the tournament. Respect. However, I'm not really into ladies' tennis that much, at least Sharapova was knocked out early, I cannot stand the 'UGHHH' with every hit, and I think she's one of the main offenders of that.

Anyway! Hope you all have a lovely weekend, whether you will be watching Wimbledon or not!

SpaRitual Sage Review

 As a continuation from yesterday's review on SpaRitual's Miss World nail polish, this is the other polish sent to me by Rachel over at NSI nails - Sage!

This is a really lovely mushroom coloured polish which is classified as a creme. I left the ring finger with one coat, and the other nails with two.
You can see that even with one coat, the polish is very pigmented and applies very evenly.

In terms of the polish quality, it is much like yesterday's review - it was easy to apply and I was very impressed at how shiny it looks when dry considering that it is Big-3 Free (and formaldehyde resin and camphor free). I love that it is free from such chemicals, and also is suitable for vegans, yay!

The polish comes in a 15ml bottle, with a lovely easy to grip handle.
I wasn't sure how I'd feel about the polish when I first saw it because I don't usually go for browns or muted tones, but I actually really like this colour - I think it's great for a sophisticated look, or even a great colour to use in the autumn months in particular.

Again, I'm using photos with and without flash, to give you an idea of its true colour. None of these pictures have a topcoat, so the gloss you are seeing is the polish itself.

It's definitely a great polish, but more importantly, the brand in general seem to be dedicated to quality, safe polishes and that's what I like the most!
Bottom of SpaRitual Miss World and Sage bottles

Friday, 5 July 2013

SpaRitual Miss World Review

 So today I am quite excited to be reviewing a couple of SpaRitual polishes that were sent to me by the lovely Rachel over at NSI nails!

SpaRitual get some brownie points from me just for being Big-3 Free (they contain no DBP, formaldehyde or toluene) and they also exclude formaldehyde resin and camphor, yay! In addition, if you are a vegan then this is suitable for you too! The polishes come in generous 15ml bottles with a rubbery, easy to grip handle (a feature I wish was present in all nail polish bottles based on the amount of times in the past where I had accidentally closed the bottle too tightly meaning I had to fight to open it the next time I used it).

The first of the polishes I am reviewing is 'Miss World' which is a lovely sort of coral pink colour. I've really been getting into pinks lately so I was really happy to try this one out. It is classified as a shimmer and I really like that it is quite a subtle shimmer which is enough to give it a nice shine when the light hits it, but not too much that it looks glitzy.

It's somewhat difficult to capture the shimmer with the camera, but it can be seen in the picture of the bottle on the right, and if you zoom in on the nails too. I have left the ring finger with one coat, while applying two coats to the rest of the nails, just so you can see the sheerness of the polish, which I really like.

As you can see, I took photos both with and without flash to give you an idea of what it looks like fairly.

In terms of application, this brush is really good - it's not the widest of brushes so when I first saw it I thought I might have some trouble getting it to spread evenly on the nails because often for me, the polish gets tacky before I've even finished painting the nail and it just looks lumpy. However, that wasn't the case here, and the polish was thin enough to spread easily. It's thin but very pigmented, which is always my favourite! When it dries, it is really shiny and in my opinion, looks just as shiny as some of the polishes out there that are not Big-3 Free so I was pleasantly surprised!

Overall, you get a sense of quality just by picking up the bottle, and application was the easiest I've had in a while so I'm really liking this polish! It has a really lovely tone and especially looks good at this time of the year!