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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Maybelline Color Show 'Electric Pink' and 'Orange Fix' Review

This review might contain more pictures than writing - not sure if that is a good or a bad thing!

I bought these two Maybelline Color Show polishes last week, they are part of a Neons range, which only contained another two colours; a green and a purple. Seeing as I didn't want to spend all my money on nail polish that day, I took about 10 minutes deciding which two to get (so indecisive!).

 The first thing I want to say about these polishes is that there was actually a sign in the display saying that it looks better and more 'neon' when painted over a white base - so in all the pictures, I have done 2 coats of the polish on the index and middle finger, and 1 white coat covered with 1 coloured coat on the ring finger and pinky so that you are able to see the difference - which I think is pretty evident.

So here is 'Electric Pink', and I have to say I much prefer it over a coat of white (although maybe 2 coats over white would look a bit nicer than just 1).

Don't for a minute think that this will glow in the dark by the way, just have to get that out there! I'm currently sitting in near darkness and I can barely see the colour on my nails as I type.
 The next is 'Orange Fix'. Again I think it looks a lot nicer over white - I think it's too sheer to be used on its own (you can still see the nail whites after 2 coats in the pictures).

I normally would avoid these kinds of colours - really bright colours are not exactly something I go for often, however it's summer so I thought, 'what the heck!?' and I think bright colours like these are great at this time of year!

The last thing I'm going to say that I think are kind of seen in the pictures, is that they do not exactly dry very shiny, so I'd recommend putting a top coat over it if that's what you like.

Bye guys!

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