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Friday, 26 July 2013

Colourful Heart Nails... that match my phone!

 Posting something today which I have wanted to post for over a week!

A couple of months ago I bought a few cases for my phone from eBay, and I liked the pattern so much I decided to copy it onto my nails. I actually quite like it, but I tell you, it's hard work!

I got rather bored after doing my left hand, but I persevered and managed to do the right hand which looked pretty good considering (although I never photographed it, oops!).

I have to say that I did buy the case myself, and although I painted my nails myself, the pattern was obviously not my own design so I feel it's only right to credit the design to Head Case which is a registered trading name of Ecell Global.

Perhaps I might do this again sometime, actually. Even though it's quite a bit of work, it does look nice, especially as the colours are rather summery!


  1. would love to see what other cases you bought! im still looking for some

    1. They're a lot more difficult to copy, haha.

  2. Loving that! Love the case and the nails :) Really great when something inspires nail art!