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Sunday, 14 July 2013

OPI 'The Living Daylights' Dupe!

Quite a while back (I think last year actually), I purchased OPI 'The Living Daylights' online. I don't usually buy polishes that are that expensive (this one costs on average £9).

It wasn't until last week when I was in Bodycare, I decided to have a look at the nail polishes and one in particular caught my eye. They mainly sell Technic polishes, and one called 'Money Bags' struck me as being identical to the aforementioned OPI polish. It only costs 99p, so naturally I felt compelled to buy it to see how similar they are...

I think the resemblance is very clear indeed! As indicated in the pictures, I used OPI on the index and ring finger, while using Technic on the middle finger and pinky.

I put about 3 coats on each nail so that I had enough glitter on the nail to show the two polishes well. The application between the two is very similar - if anything, perhaps the OPI polish has slightly more glitter in it than the Technic one.

The glitter sizes are the same in both polishes, and they have same same shade of gold, silver and bronze in my eyes. The only difference is that the OPI has a slightly more turquoise-y blue than Technic. You can see the difference closer by clicking on the pictures. Also, sorry that the Technic polish looks a bit 'bubbly'. I think it's more my fault than a fault of the polish. I got a bit impatient and the OPI dried faster than the Technic between coats so I was painting the Technic while it was still tacky underneath. At least that shows that OPI dries a lot faster because I didn't have to wait much between coats!

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