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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Geometric Style Nails

Hi again! Here's another design with triangles which I found in my backlog of nail photos! However, unlike the last post, I don't have any list to tell me what exact nail polishes I used - sorry about that! I used a purple, pink and teal though apparently!

I pretty much painted my nails white and then used regular tape on my index and ring fingers, and used nail striping tape on the others. Using the edge of a make-up sponge (or by ripping off pieces of one, I can't remember) I applied the three colours randomly over the nails and then removed all the bits of tape with a pair of tweezers.

Probably the trickiest one was the middle finger nail because I had to actually cut the tape down to smaller bits to make the diamond shape whereas I didn't have to bother so much with the others. Also, it's easier if you do the big X in the middle first, then add the 4 smaller pieces of tape on top as that makes it a lot easier to remove all the tape without ruining the design. Seal with a topcoat and you're done!

Bye for now!

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