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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

[SPECIAL] Four Year Blogiversary!

Hello! Even though I haven't posted on here in quite a while *cough* 6 months *cough*, I couldn't forget my blogiversary, and I had to follow my tradition of posting a poorly constructed cake and some pictures of nails, which I think is the theme of this blog? ;)

Yes, marvel at the cake you see here. As I'm writing this I was going to reference the upcoming series of Great British Bake Off (excited!) and I felt a sense of déjà vu so I decided to look at last year's post and apparently I was thinking the same thing then, so at least I'm consistent!

In terms of actual nail art, I still have been doing nail art all the time, and trying out new techniques I see online - some with success, some without!
Instead of making themed blogiversary nails, I decided to just post some of the pictures of nail art I've done while not blogging but as I did them quite a while back, I can't remember the polishes I used, only the method. This geometric one to the right was done by painting my nails white, placing striping tape at different angles, filling in the sections with different colours and then removing the tape. Finished with a subtle glitter topcoat.
 This next one was done in admittedly a really awkward way. I painted my nails white and on a silicone nail mat, I used a sponge to create a long strip of glitter gradient of pink-purple-blue-green and then cut it up into triangles. These polishes are more of a gelly type so I had to do quite a lot of layers when making the gradient strip so it ended up quite thick which meant that when I stuck them to my nails, there were ledges along the sides which were fairly annoying. Putting tape on my nails in a v-shape would have been easier, but with the polishes being rather transparent, I would have had to have done a lot of layers anyway to really see a gradient.

This last picture was just me trying out something a bit more simple, but I liked it and thought I'd add it in here. Also, I love the polish on the middle finger - HOLO there! (SimplyNailogical anyone?)

Well, thanks if you're here and still reading. I'm away to watch more of the Olympics - one of the few times I have any interest in sport!

Bye for now!

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