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Monday, 1 December 2014

Nails Inc: 'My Nail Polish Diary' - December

For the main post on Nails Inc's 'My Nail Polish Diary', with links to all other months, click here.

 Wow! The final Nails Inc diary post! I actually kept to the plan I made myself last December and have posted on the first of every month all year! Quite proud of that, really!
There have been many times I've almost forgotten to post, frantically writing it the night before... which is totally not what I am doing right now or anything! *cough*

I wish I could write a nice long post but I've just finished writing an essay so this isn't really the time to write another one!

So, to the polish! This month is Knightsbridge Road, which is kind of translucent in certain lights. On the ring finger, I painted 2 coats of the polish over last month's foil and 1 coat over the foil on the pinky in order to show the gold, blue and red glitters.

I totally get why this colour was chosen for December, it's just so festive! Looking forward to wearing this later in the month!

Well, it's been great! I hope to squeeze in another post or two before the new year!


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