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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Nails Inc: 'My Nail Polish Diary'

As many will know, the post-Christmas sales are one of the best times to get expensive nail polishes, and when I saw this box for half price, I just had to buy it! This 'Nail Polish Diary' has one polish for every month so that your nails will look fabulous all year, awww yeaahh! At first, I considered just using them all with no regard of the month they're assigned to (which, to be honest, will probably happen soon anyway), however I then thought this might be a good way to ensure I have at least one post per month, as I often have no posts while at uni. So, the first of every month I will be uploading a post about the month's nail polish. Below are the list of polishes in the diary - they will be clickable when the post has been published.

March: Baker Street

Obviously, you can already find many other reviews on these polishes on other blogs if you search, however I don't mind taking a year to do this, haha.

Hope you enjoy!


  1. I nearly picked this up - it's such a fab idea. I look forward to seeing your monthly blog posts! :-)