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Monday, 6 January 2014

'V-shape' Nail Art

Sometimes it's nice to do a simple design rather than elaborate scribbles which make my eyes hurt -- although I did end up having to spend more than I had planned on this.

The reason being that this is textured nail polish which can be a little bit tricky to draw with. The base colour is done with two coats of Rimmel Space Dust 'Aurora' while the V-shape is done with Rimmel Space Dust 'Total Eclipse'.

I had the bright idea of using my usual masking tape for this design - cutting a 'V' shape into a square of masking tape and placing the two pieces a few millimetres away from each other on the nail, using the gap as a stencil for the 'V'. I realize while I am writing this that that I should have just taken a picture when I was making this but I didn't, so I really can't explain it any better unfortunately!
The problem is that obviously masking tape doesn't really stick to textured nail polish (however this concept didn't occur to me at the time - it's a bit like sticking tape to a cement wall and being surprised when it falls off instantly) so I had to paint the V in about 1.5 seconds which was a complete mess and I ended up just painting them with a nail art brush (still, the tape template provided some guideline, I guess!).
Therefore, as mentioned, I ended up taking longer than I thought, but hey-ho, you live and you learn!