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Monday, 1 September 2014

Nails Inc: 'My Nail Polish Diary' - September

For the main post on Nails Inc's 'My Nail Polish Diary', with links to all other months, click here.

 September is here! Wow, the year just seems to have passed quickly! Or at least the Summer has anyway! After this, there are only 3 more Nails Inc posts, awww! (Although I will enjoy not having to write these posts hurriedly in order to meet my personal '9am on the first of each month' deadline!)

This month is... let me check because I forgot already... Electric Lane! This is a holographic topcoat which Nails Inc recommend layering over any colour, which I have done here.

Each nail has two coats of the polish. I left the index finger with no colour, applied November's Nails Inc 'South Kensington' which is a silver foil polish, July's 'Notting Hill Gate' to the ring finger and February's 'St. Martin's Lane' to the pinky nail.

Overall, I really like this and look forward to using this later on. At first I was a little disappointed it wasn't more intense, but then I remembered that this is a topcoat and so it makes sense for it to be this way because you can glam up any colour you like!


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