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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Nails Inc: 'My Nail Polish Diary' - October

For the main post on Nails Inc's 'My Nail Polish Diary', with links to all other months, click here.

 Well, hello! Ahhhh, it's October already! I can already smell the cinnamon scented candles (I love candles, even if I am essentially burning my money as I've been told a number of times!).

However, this post is all about this month's Nails Inc polish which is Belgravia Place and is part of the Fibre Optic collection.

So, here I have painted 2 coats of this lovely polish on each nail, apart from the ring finger, on which I only painted one coat onto a layer of next month's polish (South Kensington) so that you can see what it looks like over something else.

I quite like this, but I'd probably use it more towards Christmas. The colours are quite difficult to capture on a camera which is why even though the second picture is a tad blurry, I'm still using it because out of 10 photos, it showed off the glitter the best.

Like most polishes with this kind of glitter, they can be a bit annoying to paint as they just go EVERYWHERE, but I do think it can look quite nice!

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