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Saturday, 29 October 2016

Purple and Orange Halloween Nails!

Muahahaha-uh, I mean Hello! Today I thought I'd share my nail art for Halloween, which I only realised the other day is the first time I've done Halloween nail art since 2012 I believe?! To be fair, I usually had a lot of essays to do around this time so that's probably why.
I'm actually not that bothered about Halloween, but I do like pumpkins (well, carving them anyway) so I decided to do some purple and orange nails with pumpkins (and bats!) this year.

I'd like to say this didn't take me a long, long time to do but that would be lying. I used my silicone mat to paint the pumpkins to create 'nail polish stickers' for the thumb and ring finger. If I had been just doing one hand, I would have just painted them directly on the nails but as I was doing this on both hands and I am not ambidextrous, this was the best option! I also used this method for the black triangles and bats, using cuticle scissors to cut once dry so that I had nice sharp edges.
I think I'll stop there for now because I've got a cold and I am struggling to concentrate on anything! Bye!

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