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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Five Year Blogiversary! I didn't forget!

Hello! It's that day of the year where I actually put up a blog post on here! "Why?" I don't hear you ask. Well, it has been 5 years since I decided to make this blog, and although I have neglected this blog since um... last year, this date always sticks in my head for some reason so I felt I just couldn't not post today as I've made somewhat of a tradition of it I think.

One of the reasons for my lack of posting is that I've had a lot of other things going on so honestly this wasn't a priority. The other (and main) reason is that I've been learning and dabbling in the world of gel polish which as we know is a very different system to normal nail polish. This has meant that I'm pretty much only doing my nails every 2 weeks as opposed to the 2-3 a week I used to do, and while I could still post them on here, I've just found posting on Instagram more practical for me at the moment. So, if you want to see any more recent posts, please check out my instagram HERE, where this is currently my latest post:

A post shared by The Nail Noodle (@thenailnoodle) on

I also managed to make a last minute cake before posting this. As you can see, my skills... have not improved! Haha! At this point I'd like to say "I'll be posting a lot more", but there's no use in kidding myself so I'll see you next year probably!

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