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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Essie Russian Roulette Nail Polish

 Last week I decided to buy an Essie nail polish - it's not a brand that I generally buy to be honest, but that's down to the price of it really.

I spent about 15 minutes trying to decide on what colour to buy (to the point where an old man walking by actually stopped and said 'You look like you're deep in thought!' to me. I finally went for Russian Roulette. Some colours are so close to one another it's hard to differentiate them.

This polish is a kind of jelly creme in my opinion. Reason being that even with 2 coats it wasn't completely opaque, and I got that kind of jelly... vibe! Really love this colour and think it looks awesome. It's quite a striking red on the nails. You can just about see in the bottle in the first picture that it appears to have a pinky undertone - although I can't really see any hint of that when applied.

I didn't apply a topcoat for this so the shininess you see is just the nail polish. Super glossy (but I had to make sure not to do anything for a while as it took a bit to dry)


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