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Monday, 3 September 2012

Travelsupermarket Competition!

Hey! So this morning I received an email from Charlotte over at (part of inviting me to take part in a competition to win £1000 towards my next holiday as she thought my blog was right for the competition. I was actually really excited by this, probably from being contacted by a big company, and also because I wouldn't mind a smashing holiday and stay wherever I like!

I would totally love do this competition, and in fact I might just so that I would have taken part. The thing I don't like is that the people who get top 30 have to use their £50 vouchers on the second stage of the competition which would be far more challenging - but luckily(?) for me, I would never make it into the top 10 for the nails category in the first place, so I wouldn't have to worry about what I'd do for phase 2 haha.
Anyway, I am going to paste in the email (as there's really no point in try to paraphrase what it said) to share this with any British bloggers who might be interested in this competition (as was asked of me at the end of the email).


My name is Charlotte and I work for I am writing to you to let you know about our latest beauty blogging competition “Beauty and the Beach” as I think your blog would be perfect for it.

The competition gives you the chance to win £1,000 to spend on your next holiday just for showcasing your beauty talent!

We are looking for bloggers to publish a blog post with photos capturing their best ever holiday hair, nails and make-up.  If you are particularly interest in one of the categories and not the other – don’t worry! You can enter just one or all 3 categories if you prefer!

Describe how you achieved each look, the products you used and any tips for anyone who might like to recreate it. You can even describe what type of holiday you were on and where you wore each look.

Our panel of industry leading judges will then decide 10 winning looks from each category. Each winner will receive £50 worth of beauty vouchers. With that £50 the top 30 beauty finalists will be asked to create their ‘Ultimate Ibiza Look’ to tie in with the Ibiza Closing Parties.

The blogger who creates the best ‘Ultimate Ibiza Look’, as decided by our head judge, will win the final stage of our Beauty and the Beach competition and will receive £1,000 cash to spend on their next holiday!!

If you don’t have time to enter, could I ask that you share this opportunity with your readers, or any other beauty bloggers you think may be interested in entering.

Thank you J

Charlotte x

Good Luck if you decide to enter!

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