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Friday, 12 October 2012

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Watermelon Nail Polish

I love Barry M, so when I found out they were going to be releasing the Gelly range I squealed like a little girl, or a little pig... take your pick! Anyway, I went to buy them the day they came out but they weren't yet at my local Superdrug so that was a bummer. I even went to check at Boots even though I knew they hadn't even acknowledged them on their website yet, but to no avail. So, a week later I managed to get them, yippee! I only bought watermelon and pomegranate as I am but a student and 2 cost me £8 as it was and I could hear my brain yelling 'Don't buy any more!'. I did get Barry M Croc Effects for free (when you buy any 2 polishes) so that was good. I was going for the Web Effect even though I know it isn't very good but they didn't have it at the time and probably the croc one is more versatile for my taste anyway. If I go buy 2 more, I will grab that one though, just because I'm hoping to do some Halloween nail art closer to the time woo!

So to the actual polish. Here is watermelon, this was the one I was wanting the most because it looked the most appealing to me... And I love it! The lovely shine is very similar to that of the gel polish variety. (Don't be confused with what they mean by 'gelly', they really do mean 'gelly', not the kind of sheer 'jelly' polishes. In fact, the polish applies pretty thick and opaque (although I did 2 coats anyway) and it really does feel glossy even without a topcoat!

I love this colour and the shine is awesome, you don't feel the need to put a topcoat on at all. Also, I decided to add a little bit of stamping to it as I was bored. I used BM-204 plate for this mani, of which the number I cannot remember. It kind of reminds me of old vintage curtains to be honest, but they actually looked pretty good in real life.

Soon, I'll be putting up my pomegranate post, once I write it!


  1. I havn't seen this one of Barry's yet!! Will have to go check it out as I do love a little bit of Barry too! Love the nail of your blog too!!

  2. Looks stunning on you again , this is my fav out of the collection :D Great stamping too :D