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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Bourjois 10 Days Nail Enamel No.18 Nail Polish

Natural light - no flash
 Here's another Bourjous nail enamel. I don't normally go for blues as it's not my favourite colour for nails, but for some reason this one caught my eye. Probably because it's quite dark and I do quite like dark shades from time to time.
Artificial light - flash
The polish doesn't have a name other than '18' so if you look for it, that's the number you need.

The bottle claims that the enamel lasts for 10 days -- a claim I can't really verify because I put Seche Vite over most of them, but it has been 3 days since I did them and the parts that have no topcoat are still perfect. It also has an angled brush so that you are able to 'touch-up' any chips that may occur, however I see it more as a gimmick because even touching it up would be obvious because you'd had a small lump where the new polish is so the fact it's pointier at one side is quite irrelevant to me. In fact, I find the angled brush quite annoying because when you're applying the polish, you have to work harder to make it curve at the top of your nail and in a way, you have to apply in a way that is just weird. I like the concept though but not really practical unless your cuticles are completely straight or shaped like the top of a triangle.

Polish on nail
Overall, the colour is really nice. I would say the pictures are quite accurate - however indoors with no flash, this does look darker, like a really dark blue, sometimes verging on a dark teal kind of shade.

Under normal light, it looks like a plain blue, however when you look really closely, you notice that it's got a slight shimmer to it, and in fact you will see this shimmer through the bottle too, if you pick it up in store.