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Friday, 9 August 2013

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat vs. Barry M Confetti

This post is not going to be a comparison of the two in terms of quality and such, as I only have Barry M (and I don't have money to buy, in my eyes, identical polishes).

Instead, I just wanted to share with you something I realized in Boots the other day. I have had the Barry M Confetti Nail Effects since not long after they were released, and in general, they are okay, but they're not exactly my favourite polishes on the planet so I'm never going to be crazy about them or any similar type of polish.

What stood out at me was when I was having a look at Sally Hansen's polishes where these 4 were on top display - as far as I could make out, they are fairly new to the UK, but instantly I thought 'Barry M Confetti!' and upon closer inspection I feel even more strongly that these are virtually identical.

Now I'm a big fan of Sally Hansen, I use them a lot, and I'm sure these Fuzzy Coat polishes match the quality of the rest of their range which would justify their price. However, Barry M are, in my opinion, also great quality and if I was standing in Boots looking at these, I would rather pay Barry M's £3.99 than Sally Hansen's £6.99, but then again, I'm a student so it's unlikely that I am going to fork out a lot of money on one polish without some store offer or deal.

The main point here is that these are 2 different brands which I realized have the same range of polishes, so if you were looking to buy one, perhaps have a look at the others on the market.
Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat 'All Yarned Up', 'Fuzz-sea', 'Wool Knot' and 'Tweedy'

Barry M Confetti Nail Effects 'Dolly Mixture', 'Sour Apple', 'Bubblegum' and 'Liquorice'
I also want to note that Sally Hansen has a pink 'Wool Lite' shade which matches Barry M's 'Marshmallow'.


  1. Oh my lord, you're right... They're practically identical!

  2. I noticed this when in Boots the other day too! I won all my confetti's but if I were buying, I can guarantee I would be shopping in the bazza section!! :)

    1. Haha, I won mine too, but I would have bought them from Barry M if I hadn't!

  3. Interesting! I got a couple of the Nails Inc ones right at the start of this craze and kind of liked them, but I'm bored with them now. I bought two Barry Ms when they came out and just wore one and hated it. I don't think this style is really me after all!