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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Fearne Cotton Mint Green Nail Polish

 I got this nail polish (along with a couple of others I will also review later) a couple of months ago from Boots - it was 75% off and I'm a sucker for a nail polish bargain! These pictures show 2 coats of the polish, but it's actually not half bad with just one coat, even though it appears rather thin on the brush.

I didn't really expect to like it very much, to be honest, as blues/greens aren't really my thing, however I love this shade! It's bright in daylight (apologies for these pictures not being taken in daylight) but it's not to the point that it's neon or anything.

The label calls it Mint Green which I can more or less agree with, it is a bit more green than what it looks like in the pictures, but if I was naming it, I probably would have called it Green Aqua! Such a lovely colour that paints easily!

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