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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

GOSH Holographic Hero Nail Polish

 Finally writing up some of my blog posts! Been busy for a couple of days so I've been taking the pictures, but not writing anything up!

I was really excited to get GOSH Holographic Hero, even though I knew it wasn't as good as the original GOSH Holographic --which I unfortunately don't have, boo! :( Shame they stopped making it and replaced it with this... should have re-released the original!  Anyway, about the polish itself, I found it very difficult to photograph it because in a lot of lights it just looks silver, only when using flash did it kinda show up. I have to say though, as I was in a bit of a rush, I didn't bother using a basecoat for once but I doubt my one would have made this any less disappointing. PrettyKittyClaws has a really great post showing you the difference between the original and the new polish and you'll see how it looks in comparison.

I may use this from time to time, but I can't say it's my favourite - and when I have enough money, I'll invest in some OPI or something!


  1. I take most of my pics in a lightbox and it takes just about ever house lamp pointed at a holo to get it looking right. I've figured the right wall on the side of the house at the right time of day to get a decent pic but the sun has to be out so that doesn't happen very often!
    Hero might not be as good as the original holo but I've compared both with four other silver holos and they've beaten them all.

    1. Haha I just take photos next to my window.
      Yeah this was the first time I actually decided to buy a holo nail polish and was a bit disappointed it basically looked silver to me. I want to get an OPI or China Glaze one sometime!