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Thursday, 30 August 2012

GOSH Wild Lilac Nail Polish

Indoor - with flash

I absolutely love pretty much any shade of purple and this ticks all the boxes for me.

Indoor - no flash
It's such a gorgeous shade and so shiny! I never put any topcoat on because I didn't think it was needed really. I've had this one for a couple of days now and I still have no chips or scratches in it.

I felt it was actually good with just one coat but I did 2 anyway. I added a photo of it indoors with no flash (2nd picture) so that you can see the slight colour difference between the bottle and the polish on the nail. Although not very visible with flash, I think in real life it does look slightly darker on the nail than in the bottle so I tried to illustrate this.

Overall I really like this colour, along with its texture and longevity. :)

Natural light - no flash

1 comment:

  1. This is a lovely colour. I've been looking for something this sort of shade; I ended up getting Barry M Berry Ice Cream so hopefully that'll do the job!