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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Water Decals: Pink Flowers on Blue

 Normally, I do my own nail art, but from time to time I enjoy doing water decals because they look awesome and I'm not exactly a Van Gogh either!

There are quite a few methods of how to apply water decals but this is what works for me:

1. Clean nails completely, push back cuticles.
2. Do a clear coat on your nails (I use Barry M All in One).
3. Cut out desired decal, it is not necessary to cut water decals exactly to size (which is why I love them).
4. Place decal in water for about 15-20 seconds or so and slide decal off the paper backing (these work similar to fake tattoos).
5. Place decal on your nail, using dry cloth to dab away water and push out any air bubbles.
6. Paint another coat of your clear polish on top. The excess decal begins to curl when in contact with polish so take a toothpick or any wooden stick to gently take this excess off.

I love these nail wraps, I've bought them a couple of times because they look lovely. My favourite!

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