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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Nail Stamping - First Effort

So yesterday I got my Bundle Monster plates and my Konad stamper & scraper. YAY!
I'm posting this today because after trying the system out, I got a massive headache and just couldn't be bothered to stay on the computer much!
I mucked about with it for a while, trying to figure out which polishes I could use - turns out, not many! I first tried out some of my No7 collection but even though they are 'pigment rich', they didn't show up at all. I then tried out Barry M, which generally worked better. The best ones were the silver and gold nail effects.
I have ordered Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On & Black Out, so hopefully they'll work better than my black and white!

This is my best effort from yesterday and it is pretty messy but I really wasn't bothered much about it because I was just trying out techniques.

This is what I used:
Base colour: Barry M Vivid Purple
Stamping colour: Barry M Instant Nail Effects Silver Foil
Stamping plate: BM-208 for both stampers.

The ring finger is done from the same plate as the others but is the inverted one.

It very much resembles crackle nail polish, but it's a lot neater and obviously isn't bumpy. I'm looking forward to trying out some of the other designs I have, and seeing if there are any other polishes i have that also work.


  1. The Barry M Chameleon Polishes are really good for stamping too, as is Barry M Denim. I've just bought the new 17 Colour Switch polishes as hopefully they'll be similar too. Anything you've got that is quite opaque after one coat is usually a winner, but it is a nightmare trying to find polish that stamps, and shows, and the right colour combo :-)

    1. Ooh thanks for the info! I have one of the Chameleon polishes actually so I will give that a go!
      Yeah, I've been after polishes that are fine with one coat actually, some work, some don't! :(

  2. GREAT JOB!! Love it!