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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Tropical Sunset Nails

This is some nail art I done about a month ago. It's not exactly one of my best, in fact it's pretty bad, haha! For some reason I took a picture of my right hand instead of my left, probably because the left was worse. Usually, though my left hand looks neater as I am right handed but anyway, that's useless information!

So, to do this, I started off with a clear base coat as I always do and then used a fine sponge (basically a make-up sponge as these work the best) to apply the different shades of nail polish in order to make the rainbow gradient effect underneath. Then, I did a technique called water marbling, using clear and black nail polish. The stripes were then drawn on with a nail varnish pen (and I attempted a palm tree with a black nail varnish pen), followed by another clear coat on all nails. Sounds like a lot of work, but it was rather fun! Like I said, not my best as the lines are pretty bad but I hope to try something like this again soon. Youtube show these kinds of techniques pretty well, but I will hopefully make a picture tutorial on here at some point too!

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